Job Description

Company secretaries provide administrative support and guidance to company directors about the day-to-day management of their organisations, including compliance with legal and statutory requirements.
Employers of company secretaries include local and national government, charities, accountants, banks/financial institutions, housing associations, law firms etc.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • implementing procedural/administrative systems;
  • handling correspondence before and after meetings;
  • managing office space/premises/property;
  • administering pension schemes and share issues;
  • dealing with company/staff insurance policies;
  • managing contractual arrangements with suppliers/customers;
  • financial and HR administration;
  • maintaining current awareness about company law;
  • keeping a register of shareholders and liaising with them on behalf of the company.
  • writing reports;
  • collating information;
  • providing legal/financial advice during and outside of meetings.
  • convening and servicing annual general meetings (AGM)/meetings (producing agendas, taking minutes; conveying decisions etc.);
  • providing support to committees and working parties such as the Board of Directors etc;



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