Job Description

Health and safety advisers/officers develop, maintain and protect health and safety standards within public and private organisations in accordance with current health and safety legislation.

This is a rapidly expanding profession.

Health and safety officers/advisers are employed by a wide range of public and private sector organisations including local authorities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, construction/engineering companies, colleges, universities, manufacturers, large private companies and food processing/packaging plants.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • keeping up to date with developments within the profession
  • making presentations to groups of employees/managers.
  • undertaking risk assessments
  • identifying potential hazards
  • writing internal health and safety policies/strategies
  • drawing-up safe operational procedures
  • determining ways of reducing risks
  • writing reports, bulletins and newsletters
  • providing health and safety training courses for employees and managers
  • investigating/recording incidents, accidents, complaints and cases of ill health
  • compiling statistics
  • making recommendations following accidents/incidents
  • planning safe working practices and making necessary changes
  • keeping up to date and ensuring compliance with current health and safety legislation
  • ensuring that equipment is installed correctly/safely
  • liaising with relevant authorities
  • organising/attending health and safety meetings
  • safely handling hazardous substances
  • making regular site inspections



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