Job Description

Herbalists treat a variety of physical conditions, illnesses and allergies by exploiting the human body's self-healing capacities through the holistic use of plants in conjunction with medical knowledge.

Newly qualified herbalists generally have to obtain additional employment to supplement incomes whilst establishing new practices: it can take as long as two years to become established

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • planning and explaining treatment requirements
  • growing and producing herbal remedies.
  • keeping up-to-date with new research and developments in the profession
  • managing stock levels
  • using tiny doses of herbal remedies to aid the body to heal itself
  • advising patients about use of remedies
  • liaising with and making referrals to specialists/other health care practitioners
  • undertaking patient consultations to diagnose illnesses/conditions and to select appropriate remedies
  • gaining information from patients about previous physical/medical history and symptoms
  • making physical examinations/assessments
  • providing advice about diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • keeping accurate confidential patient records
  • undertaking research for product manufacturers/herbal growers
  • teaching/supporting trainees
  • marketing and promoting the business/practice



1 Trans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt.