Job Description

A logistics/support/administrative officer in the armed forces is responsible for the management and efficiency of the logistics, support and administrative functions.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • human resources/personnel, training and development, pay and benefits;
  • infrastructure and project management;
  • IT and information management;
  • administration and secretarial;
  • security;
  • stores and supplies.
  • accountancy;
  • ensuring that army personnel is motivated and trained to high standards;
  • commanding a platoon of highly trained specialist service personnel;
  • managing resources to achieve complex tasks within budget.
  • supervising administrative routines including records, budgets and accounts;
  • assessing priorities, plans, and maintenance routines as well as liaising with external agencies;
  • investigating the causes of administrative problems;
  • taking responsibility for the morale, welfare and training of subordinates;
  • registering and notifying of death and injury;
  • registering prisoners and/or refugees;
  • undertaking security and patrol duties.



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