Job Description

Automotive engineers work as part of a team of technical staff responsible for vehicle design, development, manufacture and testing.
Automotive engineers can work within a range of roles in the manufacture of cars, motorcycles, vans and other commercial vehicles: design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales care. While most automotive engineers are employed by vehicle manufacturers, other employers include tyre manufacturers, specialist vehicle design companies and research/test laboratories, motor sports teams and oil/fuel companies. Self-employment via consultancy and contract work is possible for individuals with several years' relevant experience.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • making improvements to vehicles in response to customer feedback
  • assessing project requirements
  • organising and carrying out tests
  • interpreting and analysing results and data
  • providing technical advice and answering queries from clients
  • using specialist computer modelling software.
  • writing reports and documentation
  • giving presentations
  • undertaking relevant research
  • sourcing vehicle components
  • supervising junior staff
  • agreeing and negotiating project budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers
  • developing and implementing test procedures
  • working closely with design, production and manufacturing engineeers



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