Job Description

A housing manager/officer manages housing and related services on behalf of housing associations, local authorities and other accommodation providers. The role involves managing a designated patch of housing and keeping in regular contact with tenants, looking after rental income, and dealing with repairs and neighbour nuisance issues.

Housing managers/officers may work with specific clients, such as homeless people, minority groups or people with disabilities. They work within a strict but changing regulatory framework and are usually based in a central office or local neighbourhood housing office.

The manager role may involve line management responsibility for a team of housing officers, rent arrears staff and tenancy support officers, and participation in more strategic projects.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • processing applications for housing improvements and repairs and communicating outcomes to tenants;
  • managing improvement loans and grants and administering repair and maintenance programmes;
  • managing nuisance orders, collecting information and referring cases to the neighbourhood nuisance team;
  • preparing cases and attending court hearings;
  • dealing with breaches of tenancy and leasehold agreements, which could culminate in carrying out evictions;
  • setting rents, administering their collection and developing policies to deal with and minimise arrears;
  • interviewing tenants and giving advice on tenant-landlord relationships, house purchasing and benefits;
  • inspecting properties;
  • dealing with abandoned tenancies, squatters and unauthorised occupiers;
  • liaising with wardens, caretakers, cleaners and maintenance staff;
  • encouraging and supporting tenants' and residents' groups and attending meetings as required;
  • planning and implementing slum clearance and the demolition of unused properties;
  • maintaining records and writing reports.
  • dealing with housing applications and the transfer of existing tenants;
  • liaising with tenant groups, local authority councillors, property professionals and other support and welfare organisations, including social workers and estate agents;
  • recruiting, training, supervising and monitoring staff workload;
  • recommending and developing local authority policies;
  • monitoring and updating contractors' lists;
  • investigating and responding to client complaints.
  • generating revenue and implementing budgets;
  • identifying housing needs;
  • developing new housing schemes by reusing existing stock or managing new builds;
  • evaluating the efficiency of housing schemes;
  • building relationships with the community;
  • interpreting and implementing housing legislation;



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