Job Description

Pensions consultants provide advice and information on retirement provision to organisations. They are involved in reviewing an organisation's current pension provision for staff members and recommending a range of options for consideration.

Pensions consultants may then be involved in setting up and running schemes on behalf of companies.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • researching the financial market for suitable products and investment funds;
  • calculating the value and performance of funds;
  • reviewing the structure, value and performance of funds;
  • overseeing the administration of pension schemes;
  • providing regular reports to pension managers and trustees;
  • keeping clients regularly updated about their pensions and investment products;
  • attending meetings with fund managers, trustees and employee representatives, as well as with other professionals, such as accountants, the solicitors of pensions funds and actuaries;
  • sourcing appropriate investment funds and designing pension and benefits packages to meet the needs of client companies;
  • advising clients on a range of pensions and investments suitable for their future retirement;
  • explaining complex information to clients to make them aware of their options and to help them assess the relative merits of different schemes;
  • issuing regular statements to scheme members;
  • helping clients to develop strategies to promote the benefits of their schemes to members;
  • managing the relationship with clients to ensure they are happy with the scheme and investments;
  • keeping up to date with developments in and changes to pensions legislation;
  • working as part of a team in a sales-driven environment;
  • seeking and attracting new business.



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