Job Description

A Supply officer/buyer is responsible for planning and selecting a range of products to sell in retail outlets. The buyer must consider the following factors when making purchasing decisions:

  • customer demand, including price, quality and availability; 
  • market trends;
  • store policy;
  • financial budgets.

Supply officers source new merchandise and review existing items to ensure products remain competitive. By fully understanding customer needs, they are able to maximise profits and provide a commercially viable range of merchandise at competitive prices. Keeping up to date with market trends and reacting to changes in demand are key elements of the role.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • liaising with shop personnel to ensure supply meets demand;
  • liaising with other departments within the organisation to ensure projects are completed;
  • participating in promotional activities;
  • analysing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends; 
  • getting feedback from customers;
  • training and mentoring junior staff.
  • regularly reviewing performance indicators, such as sales and discount levels;
  • managing plans for stock levels;
  • reacting to changes in demand and logistics;
  • meeting suppliers and negotiating terms of contract;
  • maintaining relationships with existing suppliers and sourcing new suppliers for future products;
  • writing reports and forecasting sales levels;
  • work with staff and management to define their needs
  • keep up to date with market trends in the industry in which they work
  • research and identify new suppliers
  • negotiate prices with suppliers
  • purchase goods and services that the business needs
  • keep accurate records of payment and delivery of goods and services.



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