Job Description

Health promotion specialists devise and implement health policies and schemes that facilitate change or redress local/community health inequalities via a wide range of health improvement/promotion activities.

Employers of health promotion specialists include local authorities, voluntary/charitable organisations, health boards and national health/voluntary sector agencies. Some health promotion specialists have skills in specific areas including drink/drug abuse, smoking, teenage pregnancy etc, others may work with particular client groups such as the elderly, people with disabilities, etc. or they may have a general remit.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • liaising with, supporting the work of and providing expert advice to other voluntary, charity and statutory organisations
  • managing projects
  • keeping up to date with current health promotion trends
  • designing, managing, overseeing and promoting health improvement programmes
  • devising health policies/schemes for assessing health needs
  • establishing and addressing training needs
  • ensuring that projects are effective; campaigning for the adoption and/or enhancement of national health promotion/preventative policies and measures.
  • supplying other organisations with specialist information and resources
  • making presentations
  • writing reports



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